privacy policy

Respect the privacy of people with disability

AGILE Plus will comply with State and Territory privacy laws.

People with disability have a right to privacy in relation to the collection, use and disclosure of information concerning them and the services they receive.

AGILE Plus will comply with Commonwealth, State, and Territory Laws by respecting and protecting the privacy of everyone that receives support and services from them, or those whom provide supports and services. AGILE Plus ensures that all employees understand the policies and procedures by providing robust induction processes, including the employee Code of Conduct. AGILE Plus strives to provide clear explanation to people with disability about:

  • The kinds of personal information that will be collected and held, including recorded/audio and visual material
  • Why this information is being held
  • Who will have access to this information
  • How we ensure that the information is secure
  • How the information will be used
  • How to access and amend information held about them
  • How to make a complaint if they feel that AGILE Plus has breached their privacy obligations

AGILE Plus is aware of certain circumstances where they should disclose information about a person without the consent of the person involved. This may include child protection matters and reports of incidences where violence, exploitation, neglect, abuse, and sexual misconduct are to be reported to the NDIS Commission and the Police.

AGILE Plus deliver services in a dignified way that maintains personal privacy

AGILE Plus has policies, procedures, resources, employee training and service delivery models to support employees in:

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of the person’s personal information
  • Explaining and requesting permission to perform procedures that involve invasion of personal space, privacy or information

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